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after the ass-kicking the pats just gave the dolphins, the cowboys are now a whopping 21-points favorite next week at home against the hapless dolphins, after opening at -16... if this spread gets any wider it has a chance to break the biggest point spread in nfl history, in 1987 the niners were 23 point favorites over the falcons (altho it was a strike year).

add to this, the patriots are currently a whopping 18-point favorite at home against the jets, a spread that might even widen after tonight's mnf debacle.

speaking of picking winners and losers, here's a summary of nflpickpickwatch.com's consensus picks for weeks 1 and 2... each week nflpickwatch.com scours the net for "expert" picks from the usual sports websites / sportswriters and, along with fan picks, spits out a table that shows the collective results... so, for example, in week 1 75% of the pickers chose the rams over the panthers, and in week 2 65% chose the rams over the saints:.

blue text = home teams, x = got wrong:


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