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 by /zn/
5 months ago
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dieterbrock wrote:It’s a fair point, however there is a week between cut down and reg season, and ideally if it’s a waiver pickup it would be more of a depth play than immediate need.
Still and all, I agree that if a more immediate need is desired it would be much more beneficial to pull off a trade if possible.
Maybe it’s a shade of homerism but I think the depth the Rams have available for trade is of a higher quality than just a waiver claim jag level.
And of course the Rams may be happy with the way things are for all we know.

I don't disagree with that except to say the Rams have done well before taking castoffs and turning them into players.

And, I agree it's possible the Rams do like a couple of guys they have beyond Edwards. It's one thing to line up with 4 other inexperienced guys in the preseason, it's another to sub in as one guy joining the starting OL during the season.

I take it that the Rams are keeping Edwards and Evans and Neary is probably coming back, which leaves 1 spot nominally going to Demby but maybe not...maybe when the dust settles they have another guy they like who has benefited from all the extra coaching they got from being pre-season starters. Or as we said they add an outcast when the cuts come before week 1.


 by Dick84
5 months ago
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Taco Charlton has 2 sacks vs Houston.
Not saying it means much, but Edwards stoned him last week.

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