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 by /zn/
5 months ago
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Elvis wrote:BTW, speaking of Joe Thomas, anyone following him on Twitter? He's going hard about the unfairness of the CBA and how players are not getting free market value for their services.

That all just has to do with rookies. The rookie cap.

But that came into existence for a reason. Rookie contracts were escalating. Think of all the complaints about Bradford's contract, the last big rookie contract from the old CBA.

There's no good reason IMO to return to that. The rookie cap serves a good purpose.

In contrast 2nd contracts keep going up. There's more space for that because of the way rookie contracts are set now.


 by aeneas1
5 months ago
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yeah, i've followed him a bit, in fact he and geoff schwartz exchanged differing opinions on zeke's sitch, interesting to see two ex nfl olinemen discussing it on twitter, thomas thinks zeke deserves more money than gurley and it's an insult if the cowboys don't pay it, and says zeke should let any offers lower than gurley's "go to voicemail" - schwartz responds that zeke has no leverage, and will only hurt himself if he holds out and the cowboys win without him.

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