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 by Hacksaw
6 months ago
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Yep, the Oline is our biggest concern imo. I guess they know what they have but RS was good when healthy, Sully had a boatload of experience, and AW isn't getting younger.

NE's D scheme against us in the SB, may have also created a blueprint.

 by Elvis
6 months ago
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I see people talking about how much we're gonna miss Saffold, and maybe they're right but he was a Ram for 9 years and our offense was terrible for the first 7 of those years. Good dude, good player but i don't see him as the difference maker...

 by snackdaddy
6 months ago
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Saffold's gonna be hard to replace no doubt. But Sullivan was one of the lowest rated centers in the league according to PFF. So do really expect that position to be downgraded? Saffold's replacement, presumably Noteboom, is very talented and played well in his short stint at left tackle. I'm not worried about moving him to guard. Good players play better than bad players. Simple as that.

 by aeneas1
6 months ago
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the 1999-2001 gsot rams lit up the league with a 7th round left guard who never made the pro bowl, who started 11 or more games just 4 times in his career.

 by Dick84
6 months ago
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I don't have any issue with Long's comments.
One of the first impressions I had of McVay's offense was how great the Oline looked, with 3 returning starters and a guy from the scrapheap (who I liked) plus a great LT. The marriage of scheme and Oline is incredible on the Rams. Their *execution* is top 5.
But.. when you get to those upper reaches of the playoffs and go against better teams.. you're gonna need more one on one wins, imo. That's where we saw the Rams Oline limitations, imo.
I have faith in Noteboom and Kelly.. but feel like Blythe is still absolutely replaceable.

6 months ago
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dieterbrock wrote:Maybe in saying the O-line isn’t top 5 gives some credit to the QB...

Naaa. "The scheme" has already been fully credited for his performance (and career to date). But that's okay. Look at New England's scheme or more accurately Belichick's scheme. What standout defensive player has risen above that scheme? That's positive proof a great scheme can win you multiple Superbowls and the personnel will never get as much credit.

I don't care (well maybe a little) if Goff never gets fully credited for his ability, so long as we're a regular in postseason play, contenders for the SB annually and winners from time to time.

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