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 by Elvis
6 days ago
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AvengerRam wrote:One can make the argument that the best course of action with RBs is to keep bringing in new guys on rookie deals, but when you get an elite guy like a Gurley, finding a comparable replacement can be easier said than done.

We'll see the Cowboys face this issue with Elliott soon, and some day the Saints (Kamara), Giants (Barkley) and others will too.

It certainly would make more sense with a RB than a QB. But yeah, even though in principle i put a fairly low value on RB, i still put a high value on Gurley. And the Rams really seem to know what they're doing these days, not feeling much inclination to second guess them.

It's the combination of how replaceable they are and what their shelf life is that makes RB such a precarious position for players when it comes to getting paid...

 by sloramfan
6 days ago
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not knowing what the chargers offer was, i have to defer to gordon and his stance.. not sure why, but iirc, the chargers are notorious lowballers...

melvin gordon is no tgIII but he is right .. he should get paid,,he may not be a TG111 but he is really close.. an above average running back... pay the man

go rams


 by BobCarl
1 day ago
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Elvis wrote:It's the combination of how replaceable they are ...
they've got Ekeler as backup ... They will be fine without Gordon

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