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 by Zen_Ronin
5 months ago
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Pro Bowl

I was able to catch 2.5 games this weekend.

Let's be honest, it's not the NFL, and it never will be. That being said, I had a lot of fun watching. Was in chat with RedAlice and Dieterbrock for most of the first Fleet game, and we all seemed to enjoy it enough.

It seemed like a higher quality of football to me that the XFL did it's opening.

I wasn't really able to spot any standout players or even which team might have the advantage on the others.

The built in and semi-borrowed production value helped a lot!

I look forward to seeing how the SD crowd shows at home.

What did everyone else think?

 by Elvis
5 months ago
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One think is pretty clear, i think, there aren't enough good QBs. It's hard to expect really good offense without pretty high end QB play.

I mean the NFL has 32 teams, everyone carries 2 or 3 so that's like 64 to 96 out of the picture. But then again there are only 8 AAF teams, so maybe they hit on some.

Luis Perez might be the best QB and he's not that great, moxie sure, an arm, not so much.

Actually it would be pretty cool to see Sean Mannion in the AAF.

That said, i think the league is pretty solid.

One of the rules is that you can only rush 5 and talk on Twitter is this is about the Oline. You can better coach and evaluate lineman when they are playing 5 on 5. This may turn out to be what the AAF is most about: developing Oline.

Stilll, it's just one week and the narrative could be completely different next week...

 by St. Loser Fan
3 months ago
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