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by  snackdaddy   Oct 15 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Talib to IR (Noteboom Out For Year)......   Replies: 17   Views: 206

If a down year is 10-6, then yes, I can live with a down year. That's what I would like a "down year" to look like. Not that I've written this year off quite yet, but it is starting to look like a tough season. At this point I would take 10-6 in a heartbeat. Because at the moment, they do...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 15 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Brian Allen   Replies: 7   Views: 164

Guys like Allen and Gaines reminds me of the classic overachievers. Not athletically gifted when it comes to size or speed, but hard workers. Gets them by in college but the NFL is a different animal. Everyone is athletically gifted. If you're not it can be really tough.

by  snackdaddy   Oct 15 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: We will rally around Taylor Rapp...and Jamil Demby...and Samson Ebukam... and Troy Hill...   Replies: 5   Views: 27

I'm sure we're all going to be here win or lose. But our enthusiasm has definitely been tapered. I'd feel more confident if I thought they played well before the rash of injuries. But quite frankly, they were not playing that good before these guys got hurt. Now we're relying on guys who were behind...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 15 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Talib to IR (Noteboom Out For Year)......   Replies: 17   Views: 206

I'm not sure it was Talib's last game in a Rams uniform. He will back for hopefully what is a playoff run at the end of the season. The oline is what concerns me most. They were already out of sinc with 2 new starters and now they have to dig a little deeper into a thin depth chart. They have some ...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 15 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: (Not that it would ever happen, but) I would trade Todd Gurley for Trent Williams   Replies: 24   Views: 193

We absolutely need to invest in the line when the draft comes around. Maybe there is a cornerstone left tackle out there? But in reality, while it would be a good long term investment it likely won't yield any short term results. How many rookie left tackles play at a high level in their first year?...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 14 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: The Sky isn’t Falling   Replies: 24   Views: 349

When it comes to the 6 man fronts, I didn't see much if any of that in the 49er game. Seems like after the first drive they just lined up in their base defense and beat our guys straight up. We're back to the days of 1 yard being a passing situation. And now our passing game is struggling just as mu...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 14 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: blythe / havenstein   Replies: 12   Views: 181

I think that relying on PFF's individual OL rankings is folly. An OL is a unit. If they're not working in unison and completing their assignments, the whole thing falls apart. So, while you can evaluate individuals (i.e. Whit isn't playing as well as last year, Saffold > Noteboom, etc.), in the end...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 14 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: USA Today: Rams find themselves in an unfamiliar spot   Replies: 4   Views: 105

For two years McVay was a rock star. He could do no wrong in everyone's eyes. Energetic, good looking young guy who turned around a long time losing franchise. Life has been good for McVay. Now it seems like he has no answer for their problems. Twitter has all kinds of talk about comparing him to Je...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 14 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Trouble between Rams and Chargers?   Replies: 127   Views: 1670

I don't know how it is in other cities but I remember scalpers hanging out near Dodger stadium selling tickets. Years ago a group of 6 of us went there without tickets and bought some nice ones about ten rows up between first base and right field. It was the Hollywood stars night. We knew we could g...

by  snackdaddy   Oct 14 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: It’s the offense line, stupid!   Replies: 32   Views: 391

I've posted since the beginning of the season that Rams braintrust decided to Cheap-Out on the Interior of the 2019 OLine.......Noteboom makes $800K, Allen makes $700K and Blythe makes $2Million per year.....Total for 3 guys who protect the closest&fastest route to Goff? $3.5Million... They def...

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