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by  Hacksaw   Apr 22 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: It's Drug Testing Season   Replies: 6   Views: 62

Then it's time to stop using drugs.

by  Hacksaw   Apr 22 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: RANDOM STUFF   Replies: 3   Views: 50

Elvis wrote:Haden looks the least amused of the bunch...

He's certainly 'prettiest' of the bunch.

by  Hacksaw   Apr 22 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: GURLEY'S POSTSEASON HIGHLIGHTS   Replies: 13   Views: 111

BobCarl wrote:I'm with you.

On March 15th the Rams agreed to go ahead with $18 mill of guarantees for Gurley. If he was a horse with doubt ... the Rams wouldn't have bought that $18 mill ticket to ride. (Cue up a Beatles song here)

Can't argue that logic.

by  Hacksaw   Apr 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Around The League Rumors and Moves   Replies: 243   Views: 3036

aeneas1 wrote:sticky? would make sense to me.


Let's try it.

Not Rams related but a good thread to have quick access to.

by  Hacksaw   Apr 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: 2019 NFL Schedule   Replies: 75   Views: 709

1.JPG By: Andrew Ortenberg | April 17, 2019 9:43 pm ET The Los Angeles Rams’ schedule is finally out. With the NFL revealing its full schedule Wednesday night, we now know when each of the Rams’ biggest games will be played. The Rams will be in the spotlight plenty, with five prime-time games in 20...

by  Hacksaw   Apr 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Around The League Rumors and Moves   Replies: 243   Views: 3036


by  Hacksaw   Apr 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: WHY WON'T ANYONE LISTEN?   Replies: 48   Views: 509

Teams need to evolve. The health of players is always a fluid factor. Is TGII irreplaceable? Is he why McV's O is so successful? Is TGII that much better than other NFL RB's? If there is another guy out there who could bring the team what Todd does, and considering the avg RB career stats ramsman34 ...

by  Hacksaw   Apr 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Dane Brugler’s Top-100 NFL prospects   Replies: 45   Views: 475

Way to go O-line Mel.

by  Hacksaw   Apr 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: UH OH, SOURCE SAYS RAMS COULD USE FIRST PICK ON RB   Replies: 28   Views: 343

We dont need one, , ,

do we?

by  Hacksaw   Apr 19 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: St. Louis NFL lawsuit likely headed to trial   Replies: 237   Views: 8653 BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. • The deal that allowed the Rams to leave St. Louis has now given the team a parting gift — its 27-acre practice facility ...

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