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by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: NFL Draft   Topic: mcvay has pleataued   Replies: 468   Views: 5277

Yes, I forgot that children need to take a nap in the afternoon. Please get some rest and when you wake up, wipe the sleep out of your eyes, have your fruit punch and cookies and want to actually participate or contribute to the conversation, by all means, do so. I just posted 20 random thoughts ab...

by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: 20 Random "No 7-9 BS" Thoughts   Replies: 5   Views: 18

1. Well... we're guaranteed a non-losing season. 2. Of course... nobody is satisfied with just that. 3. This is the McVay era and, until further notice, "playoffs or bust" will be the norm. 4. Jared Goff played well, albeit with a couple of blips. Some really nice designed roll-outs produc...

by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: NFL Draft   Topic: mcvay has pleataued   Replies: 468   Views: 5277

moklerman wrote:Except that the OP did describe what he meant in the very next sentence. You've taken the opening sentence out of context and painted a picture that isn't accurate. Not to mention, stating as fact an intent that you have no way of knowing.



by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: NFL Draft   Topic: mcvay has pleataued   Replies: 468   Views: 5277

Then I don't think you know what a plateau is. Not that anyone actually confined McVay's plateau as "a few games"(3?). It seems a fairly common opinion that McVay seemed to be challenged by adjusting to what the league had come up with to stall his offense. For the better part of a year's...

by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: NFL Draft   Topic: mcvay has pleataued   Replies: 468   Views: 5277

Dick84 wrote:Considering a few games of a career a sample size you could rely on to define a “plateau” for an NFL coach is so fucking stupid that I can’t effectively describe how fucking stupid it is.

I think you just did. 8-)

by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: RAMVP: Week 14 Standings   Replies: 0   Views: 9

Another win brings us another week of many worthy candidates. Jared Goff had another nice game, but two INTs will drop him out of the Top 5 for this week. Here are the winners: 1 (tie). Dante Fowler, Jr. and Samson Ebukam - 4.5 points each Fowler and Ebukam harassed Russell Wilson all night and fini...

by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: In your face Flowers ...   Replies: 26   Views: 259

Burly Gurley makes DB go Whirly Dirly?

by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: ALL OF A SUDDEN WE HAVE A SOLID OLINE?   Replies: 9   Views: 91

As you noted, I think we're seeing some smarter play calling that reduces the OL's "degree of difficulty" significantly. In particular, I think Goff's ability to throw off designed rollout plays is underrated, and has taken a lot of pressure off the OL. We still need more OL talent (though...

by  AvengerRam   Dec 09 2019   Forum: NFL Draft   Topic: mcvay has pleataued   Replies: 468   Views: 5277

To steal a line from Jeff Dunham (Walter)...

Some threads age like fine wine.

This one has aged like milk.

by  AvengerRam   Dec 05 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: ALL-22 / GOFF AND PASS PRO @ ARIZONA   Replies: 35   Views: 443

moklerman wrote:I get a kick out of fans who are struttin' around, bragging about beating a 3 win team.

That's three wins AND A TIE, buddy!

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