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by  BobCarl   Mar 23 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Check out my theory of current Ram drafting philosophy...   Replies: 10   Views: 125

aeneas1 wrote:10 of those 11 guys were taken in the 4th round or later,

I can't help but ask.. of those 11 picks ... how many picks did the Rams have the opportunity to take before the 4th round?

by  BobCarl   Mar 22 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Malcolm Brown stays a Ram   Replies: 42   Views: 323

R4L wrote:Image

I don't think it went over his head ... he is quite intelligent ... it just takes a little bit to sink in ... come Sunday he'll bust out laughing in the middle of Church service.

by  BobCarl   Mar 22 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Malcolm Brown stays a Ram   Replies: 42   Views: 323

moklerman wrote:Big yawn for me. Dude has 1 start and 1 TD in 4 years in the league. Probably worth more as a special teamer.

Goff insurance. he's worth it to me. CJ can't block and scares the shit out of me every time he is on the field.

by  BobCarl   Mar 21 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Around The League Rumors and Moves   Replies: 209   Views: 2452

I was too lazy to share the last coupla days .... but here's the info from the media room today: ARI: signed DL-D.Philon to a 2/$10m/$5m gtd. ATL: re-signed WR-J.Hardy. BAL: re-signed QB_RG3 to a 2yr deal. CIN: re-signed DB-D.Dennard. DAL: hosting S-G.Iloka tomorrow. DEN: re-signed QB-K.Hogan. DET: ...

by  BobCarl   Mar 21 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Sean McVay has turned the Rams into a free-agent destination   Replies: 13   Views: 196

Sean McVay has turned the Rams into a free-agent destination Cap space talks (ask Jon Gruden) ... and 7-9 walks (ask Jeff Fisher) Sean McVay doesn't bullshit and Les Snead has used cap space very well last year and this year too. Sounds like a winning combination. I didn't read Silva's article ... ...

by  BobCarl   Mar 21 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Its a good thing I don't like saying "I told you so."   Replies: 93   Views: 582

And if I liked saying "I told you so," I might gloat .... vindication has come. Did you and Bernie Micklasz attend the same law school? </strike that> The earth is flat? ..... myth or not? </strike that> If Eratosthenes could come back, he might have liked saying "I told you so,"...

by  BobCarl   Mar 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Around The League Rumors and Moves   Replies: 209   Views: 2452

Rapoport talks about both LBs

by  BobCarl   Mar 20 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Clay Matthews is a Ram   Replies: 54   Views: 718

R4L wrote:2?
yes, two different teams signed LB's one with a great reputation, and the other has a notorious reputation (and so does his team)

by  BobCarl   Mar 19 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Is CJ Anderson affordable?   Replies: 71   Views: 743

Tuff decision for the Rams. CJ is a much better ball carrier and edge over Brown is that he knows how to leverage contact to his advantage much better than Brown does. Brown isn't afraid of contact and is a bull in his own rights.... a little faster than CJ I think ... but in my book Brown has the E...

by  BobCarl   Mar 19 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Around The League Rumors and Moves   Replies: 209   Views: 2452

The guy is a POS. Dirty players don’t deserve the time or roster spot. This guy is as dirty as Bill Romanowski. Pass everyday, all day. Gotta love police brutality mentality. Romanowski is a proud ex-Raider again. And George Carlin didn't turn over in his grave, he stood up and applauded in his gra...

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