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by  dieterbrock   Feb 19 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Trade Robert Woods   Replies: 61   Views: 512

If he's going to a team that already uses "off coverage"? He showed he is *excellent* in that, down the stretch. But.. I figure the best you get for him is a 4th. I would do it, though. My thinking is to then draft a CB who plays press coverage in the 1st round. I don't want to go into 20...

by  dieterbrock   Feb 19 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: The AAF   Replies: 111   Views: 820

If the NFL and AAF were smart, they would brand AAF teams to be affiliated with NFL teams. - even if it is only 1 team per division. Come up with conference and divisional themes for each team and have those teams "feed" that division. Expand as revenues see fit until you have a farm team...

by  dieterbrock   Feb 18 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Kaepernick Grievance Suit Settled   Replies: 124   Views: 760

/zn/ wrote:Lol.

I will say, you do that kinda stuff better than you follow arguments.

You think you’re arguing?
That is funny.
Poster after poster is showing how ignorant you are, and you think you’re actually arguing?
That is funny all right.

by  dieterbrock   Feb 18 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Trade Robert Woods   Replies: 61   Views: 512

I dig it. I'm torn on whether I'd actually pull the trigger. My logical brain tells me I should... but I love Robert Woods and have since he was a Trojan. Great guy and really good player. I'm bigger on trading/releasing Peters... but we don't have the same depth situation at corner that we do at W...

by  dieterbrock   Feb 18 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Sean McVay has fallen into a deep depression since Super Bowl loss.   Replies: 12   Views: 249

St. Loser Fan wrote: ... eles-rams/

Click on the link to creep further.

Raise your hand if you’re a creep


by  dieterbrock   Feb 18 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Kaepernick Grievance Suit Settled   Replies: 124   Views: 760

AvengerRam wrote:dbzn.jpg

I know we like to make jokes and all, but IMO, that just crosses the line.
There is busting and then there is downright degradation.
I think you need to apologize.... the Dog

by  dieterbrock   Feb 18 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Brandon Marshall Likely to be Available   Replies: 7   Views: 140

I was gonna say, who needs a washed up, malcontent WR who drops as many as he catches??
But then..... Oh, THAT Brandon Marshall...

by  dieterbrock   Feb 18 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Trade Robert Woods   Replies: 61   Views: 512

You bring up good points, for sure. I'm not sure what I'd call Reynolds. Average seems fair, but that's not bad for your 3rd WR. Also... this ain't something I'm even close to pounding the table for. I'm kinda just exploring different ways to move forward and build a roster. I think standing pat is...

by  dieterbrock   Feb 17 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Kaepernick Grievance Suit Settled   Replies: 124   Views: 760

I never claimed to know what he's actually thinking so your continued claim of mind-reading just seems to be an intentional diversion of the conversation. If your argument is that we can never judge someone based on their actions and because we can't literally read their minds then I'm not sure why...

by  dieterbrock   Feb 17 2019   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Rams Off Season Moves 2019   Replies: 6   Views: 263

Elvis wrote:Mike Clay's FA Cheat sheet:


Mike Clay’s #1 LB is Ryan Shazier?
Ummm.... is he paying attention?

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