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by  PARAM   Jul 14 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Is it safe to play football?   Replies: 76   Views: 1424

There shouldn't be any sports. It's a fools errand to believe otherwise and attempt to have them play.

by  PARAM   Jul 13 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: CBS: Ranking top 10 coaches in NFL   Replies: 3   Views: 101

And McVay's "bad year" included a DVOA that was 17th in the NFL, still no where near "dead last" the year before he arrived. Just for shits and giggles, I'd love to know the Rams DVOA average from 2005 - 2016.

by  PARAM   Jul 05 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Redskins Name Change   Replies: 169   Views: 2018

I was editing my post while you pointed that out. For sure, there is a heightened awareness and open mind to this subject matter now. Honestly I knew very little about the behavior and backgrounds of many of the men celebrated with statuaries. The destruction has brought the awareness. Now it's tim...

by  PARAM   Jul 05 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Redskins Name Change   Replies: 169   Views: 2018

Since the Braves and Chiefs aren't viewed as derogatory, maybe even complimentary, why not Washington Warriors? They could even keep their logo. Next up,? The AFC East: force the Jets into name change from that Hispanic West Side gang of the 50's and make the Patriots change their logo to a caricatu...

by  PARAM   Jul 01 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: McVay is 26 - 0 when leading at halftime.   Replies: 3   Views: 277

They're 3-5 when tied at the half and 4-10 when trailing. But I'd bet most teams have a similar record (or worse).

by  PARAM   Jul 01 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Pre Season Cut to Two Games - Other Changes to 2020 Season   Replies: 48   Views: 851

Hacksaw wrote:So we both play the 1st game in SoFi. SD Chargers just cant help catch a break.

That does it!!! When the Rams play at home it's SOFI Stadium. When the Chargers play there it's COVI Stadium.

by  PARAM   Jun 27 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Is it safe to play football?   Replies: 76   Views: 1424

What's going to MLB as well as the they're going to attempt to play the season but the virus will prevent the completion of it. They'll get our hopes up only to be dashed....much like the Rams of the 70's. 8-)

by  PARAM   Jun 23 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Is it safe to play football?   Replies: 76   Views: 1424

snackdaddy wrote:I would imagine if a player tests positive he has to quarantine for two weeks or more.

What about contact tracing? Wouldn't the whole team be quarantined? I don't see how they make it work and sustain it.

by  PARAM   Jun 21 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Who were you wrong about?   Replies: 19   Views: 679

Brian Leonard.

by  PARAM   Jun 21 2020   Forum: Rams/NFL   Topic: Rookie vs. Veteran: Who Wins THese battles?   Replies: 7   Views: 872

I'm not convinced there will be a RB1, 2 and 3. It could be they're all going to play a lot, with equal status. I do believe this much: for all the angst and worry, we seem to have significant depth across the board. RB, WR, OL, TE, EDGE, DL, OLB, DB with ILB being the one spot with no experience. T...

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